Hi, I'm Nico

I'm a design driven Frontend Software Engineer and I'm here to help

My passion for learning combined with my love for elegance is a tremendous driving force in everything I do, from designing the perfect landing page, to writing code, to juggling or sourcing tea from Taiwan.

I care about creating clean, effective websites and designs for people and businesses. I love the feeling of helping clients transform their ideas into a home on the web that is easy to use and inspiring. I'm currently open to freelance projects and also completing my masters degree in Counseling while based in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Professional. Timely. Flexible. Great design sense! I'm so pleased to have worked with Nico on multiple projects. He is the perfect person to help you manifest your ideas and while providing inspiration along the way with great suggestions you may have never considered. Because he believes in his own abilities as a web designer, he doesn't cut corners. If you want a website that reflects you or your product, Nico can get you there!
- Ianessa Humbert

I have turned to Nico twice in the past for professional web design, the first time to design my website and recently to revise it and make it even more relevant and appealing. Both times Nico’s technical expertise and creative eye resulted in a website that best represents my work and personality and is user-friendly. Independent comments from my clients also expressed their appreciation. Nico’s professional and kind manner made this a wonderful collaboration. His work came in on time and on budget and I can not recommend him enough.
- Pascale Vermont

Nico built me a website that is a beautiful reflection of who I am and what I offer to the world.
This was my first website, and creating it often felt like a ride, but Nico supported and cheered me on every step of the way. Nico’s capacity for clear and timely communication, patience, and an unwavering positive attitude were beyond my expectations. I was very involved in the creative process and the experience felt very collaborative in nature. Thank you for everything Nico, I would recommend you to anyone!
- Jessica Vega

Nico brought my website from the 20th century to the 21st century! I have had many positive comments about its look and functionality. My topic was new to him but he learned what I needed to convey and took over! Many thanks to him.
- Susan Langmore

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